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Davies, N. A., Gramotnev, G., McAlpine, C., Seabrook, L., Baxter, G., Lunney, D., Rhodes, J. R., & Bradley, A. (2013). Physiological stress in koala populations near the arid edge of their distribution. PLoS ONE, 8(11): e79136. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0079136
This article examined the effect of climate and the stress it causes for the koalas. The location of the study was in South Western Queensland, Australia. It highlighted the issues of chronic stress and how it can reduce resistance to disease. It helped in the understanding of the physiological responses of koala populations exposed to environmental changes. The results provided new insights into the effect of droughts and heat waves and the amount of stress these climate issues pose on the koala. As well as it helped to integrate the importance of a physiological dimension when studying species, and the response different species have in regards to habitat loss, and different environmental threats including those involving climate change. This article helps me to incorporate an understanding of the impact of climate change on koalas, and the physiological stress level they endure. The article helps to give me a more comprehensive knowledge of the koala and the importance of its habitat as well as the impact of contributing external factors such as climate change.

Hundloe, T., & Hamilton, C. (1997). An economic evaluation. Koalas and Tourism, 61.
This article discussed the contribution that koalas have on the Australian economy and evaluated the economic role of the koala. Surveys were conducted at Sydney and Brisbane airports. The study showed how the koala is an icon to Australia. The study looked at the economic value of koalas, and demonstrated the importance the koala...

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...e taken from was at Kola Beach Estate, Pottsville, in northern New, South Wales, Australia. The results highlighted the capabilities of assessing the koala habitat at a local scale over small areas. The article discussed the approach that had been developed for using canopy level field spectrum measurements, which then created canopy scale maps. These maps of the species location were found to be extremely accurate. This helps my paper because in order to have effective management and conservation of koala habitat, you need to have a great deal of information of the location and condition of the habitat of the species. Therefore this study will help to strengthen the materials that are being used to track the habitat of the koala and demonstrate how information about the koala habitat can be accessed and used to prevent further destruction of the koala populations.
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