Knowlege vs. Soul

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Many people gain knowledge from their experience in life and it changes the way they see things in life. Knowledge is a powerful weapon with two sides, it can be either good thing or bad thing; however to much of a god thing can always lead to dangerous things. In Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, a young man name Captain Walton meets a mad scientist by the name of Victor Frankenstein. Victor tells Captain Walton a cautionary story about how the quest of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Victors starts to tell him, how his thirst of knowledge got him to play the role of god, and thus gave a life to the Creature. His creation also goes through a life experience as he believes that he has a soul and fight for his will to live. In Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley uses religion connection, philosophical and literal allusion to support the argument that knowledge corrupts the human soul.
First, a religion connection is the first point that is use to support that knowledge corrupts the human soul. Victor is parallel to the Prodigal son in many ways because just like the son, Victor chooses to give up his family for knowledge and wealth. Victor states, “Such were my reflection as I commenced my journey; but as I proceeded, my spirits and hopes rose. I ardently desired the acquisition of knowledge (Shelley 27). This statement is trying to say that Victor thirst of knowledge was his desired. Just like the son in the Prodigal son he chooses to leave his family for money when he didn’t have anything left. Another religion that is parallel to the story is the Garden of Eden. Victor home in Geneva represents the Garden of Eden, where he is the perfect son and has a perfect life. He was raise to believe that he commits no mistakes because his paren...

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...mber I have the power; you believe yourself miserable, but can I make you so wretched that light of the day will be hateful to you. You are my creator, but I am your master” (Shelley 149). The creature argues that at first he wanted his creator love but little by little his creator proves to him that he is worthless to him. The Creature through his knowledge discover the truth of his creator that he was a coward and selfish because he
In conclusion, in Frankenstein there many aspects that shows that knowledge corrupts the human soul in many ways. Gaining knowledge from life experience slows corrupt the human soul because the more gain the more they want. In the story, religion connection, philosophy, and literal allusion show that knowledge corrupts the soul. Overall, all the characters gain knowledge through their experience and learn that knowledge corrupts it.

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