Knowledge Management and Obama Care

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It seems that Obama Care was destined for failure from the beginning. Even though the website failed to perform efficiently, preventative measures could've prohibited the websites failure. The government could've benefited from successful investment management, knowledge management and proper implementation of policy for software acquisitions. The mission of a quality website means gathering all of your unique selling points into one coherent visual message. Investment management The most important reason preventative measures could've prohibited failure is because Obama Care could've benefited from successful investment management. Information technology is a vital component in major government operations. Although there are risk factors when investing in information technology, it’s essential for potential governmental growth. Selecting the right investment is very important and what’s more important is which analysis to use when researching information technology (ITM, 2000, pg. 3). Investment management is an essential approach to investing because knowing what to invest has a vital role in the success of a project. To be successful the investment management process should include the following elements: committed decision makers, consistency in the decision making, accountability in the inclusion of all IT projects, and to ensure the investment management process is a repetitive cycle (ITM, 2000, pg. 8). Throughout the implementation of policy, the investment management process needs to include all three phases: selection, control, and evaluation. This process will integrate multiple phases of the IT investment management process (ITM, 2000, pg. 18). During the selection phase priorities and decisions will be made rega... ... middle of paper ... ...esponsible for tracking contractors. CMS blame contractors for the websites problems but contractors blame administration for the failure of the website because the project lacked comprehensive testing, noted many functions were dependent on contractors and warned against taking risks to meet deadlines. Because administration didn’t follow through with the implementation of all parts of 10 key processes by not allowing enough time for trial and error the website was destined for failure. Contractors stated that CMS was responsible for the "end-to-end" testing necessary to ensure all the disparate parts of, built by separate contractors worked together (Condon, 2013/10/29). I use this example to support my statement that proper implementation of all key processes would’ve preventive the breakdown in communication between administration and contractors.

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