Knowledge Grows on Trees

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Since the beginning of time man has search for ways to understand why things happen, how they occur, and all other purposes of life on Earth. The Christian religion is no exception to this trend as it uses the biblical story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden to explain many principles of the Christian religion. John Milton wrote the epic poem Paradise Lost to answer many questions about the pain and evil a deity would allow to come upon its creations. The word theodicy is defined as an “explanation of why a perfectly good, almighty, and all-knowing God permits evil. The term literally means ‘justifying God.’”(Sherry) It Milton’s theodicy that often people struggle to understand yet when they read between the lines the true meaning becomes apparent. Many argue against the existence of a God at all because of the terrible things that have occurred throughout the history of the world, Paradise Lost is the author’s attempt to explain to those with much less knowledge the reason for bad things happening to good people or to anyone at all. Milton argues that it is an individual’s free will that allows Satan in to their own Garden of Eden an pollutes the purity that once existed. The argument is that if God is an all loving and all powerful being, why he allows awful things to happen in this live. Milton uses his epic poem to address the issue of man’s free will as well as God’s foreknowledge of every person’s destiny on Earth and the reason for continued pain throughout the world. Many say it is unrealistic of a person to believe their is a God when so many horrendous things happen everyday, Milton uses Paradise Lost to teach the principle that human beings have their own free will and can make decisions for themselves. The pur... ... middle of paper ... ...ned. He reveals that no one could be like God without the knowledge the struggles and trails live gives and the precess of overcoming the challenges this life presents. Milton introduces his readers to the idea that God does have a plan and he provided a way for his creations to return to be with him in paradise even though mistakes were made a sins were committed. If one is to show their love for God by repentance of the wrongs they committed and truly wish to be with him again he will forgive and conquer the evil that is allowed to roam on Earth until God commands it to be vanquished. Milton’s entire Paradise Lost is a testimony of what he believes and what we wishes others to understand. Though many may not agree with the words Milton presents or the message they invoke, not a soul on the Earth can deny that Milton was a man who life and work should be respected.

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