Knowledge And Power In Room By Emma Donoghue, Mark Haddon And William Golding

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Knowledge and power have a correlation; the more knowledge you have, the more power you have. In society, a majority of the people with our knowledge have more power. In the novels written by Emma Donoghue, Mark Haddon, and William Golding, the authors demonstrate how knowledge affects the amount of power people have. Sometimes having power can do harm, and sometimes the knowledge is helpful. Some may argue that knowledge is not power, but there is a stronger correlation between knowledge and power. Having more knowledge equals having more power. In the novel Room, the author shows how knowledge directly correlates to power. Old Nick kidnapped Ma when she was young and has her locked in a small shed, also known as Room. Ma found a hole in…show more content…
After Christopher found out that his father killed his neighbor’s dog, he felt extremely unsafe living with him. Christopher, also after finding out his mother was still alive, decided that it would be safer to live with her. While in the subway station Christopher saw a policeman and asked, ‘“Where do I get a ticket for the train from?” because if you are lost and you need directions you can ask a policeman”(Haddon, 152). Christopher asked the policeman “And he said, “In there,” and he pointed and there was a big room with a glass window on the other side of the train station door”’. (Hadden 152) The policeman was on ‘patrol duty’ in the subway station and was approached by Christopher. The policeman seems to know about what's going on in the train station and how it works. After the policeman tells Christopher how to get a ticket, Christopher now has more power over himself. Now that Christopher has his own one way train ticket, he can get himself to his mother. Christopher took his ticket and, “I went up to the door and I pressed the big button and the doors slid open and I stepped through the doors. And I was on the train to London.” (Haddon, 155) Christopher got the information from the police on getting his ticket and now that he has his ticket, he is on his way to his mother’s place. He has full power and control over himself now…show more content…
According to Golding, in Lord of the Flies, knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean power. Jack’s tribe becomes very powerful at the end of the novel because the boys don’t care about being rescued. At this point Jack only wanted to have fun, while Ralph was focusing on survival. Jack and Ralph got into an argument and “Now Jack was yelling too and Ralph could no longer make himself heard. Jack had backed right against the tribe and they were a solid mass of menace that bristled with spears. The intention of a charge was forming among them” (Golding, 180). Jack got all the boys into his ‘tribe’ to have fun. Their version of fun was constant killing of the pigs and being violent. Jack rose to power but had no clue what he was doing and was destroying himself and the island. However, this is not the case because Jack doesn’t have knowledge, Ralph has the most knowledge on survival, while Jack only cares about having fun. Ralph has the most power, so he assigns people their roles. Jack has more power than anyone else at the end of the novel, but he has no knowledge. He only cares about chanting, hunting, and being obnoxious. In the beginning of the novel, Ralph had the most power because he was “the keeper of the conch”. He assigned everyone roles and put Jack, ‘“in charge of the choir. They can be—what do you want them be?" "Hunters."’ (Golding, 23) While Jack has a powerful clan made for fun, he has no knowledge. In the

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