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To what extent is a knower’s perspective essential to pursuing and obtaining their personal Knowledge and sharing it?
The prompt, “The knower’s perspective is essential in the pursuit of knowledge.” is essentially saying that an individual’s point of view is critical when it comes to him or her acquiring knowledge. This question is also asking what do humans, as the knower, considers when looking for or when interpreting knowledge? And does our perspective as the knower affects how we can pursue that knowledge we already have or choose to seek? For instance, having a piece of information on a topic can mean that knowledge is something that can be accepted and pursued through a person’s reasoning, ethical values, sense perception, and intuition.
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The knower is the individual making the observation or having the awareness on the subject of evaluation, The term Perspective is a point of view or frame of mind, Essential means important and desirable, and the pursuit of knowledge is an aspiration for knowledge, or more so an objective of learning. To a large extent, I agree that every individual’s perspective is important when it comes to pursuing knowledge. In my essay, I will discuss the history of Albert Einstein, who contributed a lot to the modern physics in the Natural Sciences and how his creation came to exist in the world from using the personal knowledge that leads to the advances in shared knowledge. I will also talk about Galileo’s reliance on empirical knowledge, which leads him to establish the scientific method, which is still regarded as the only satisfactory approach when it comes to the acquisition of knowledge about the natural world today. Humans can acquire their knowledge in many ways, but the main way that we on instinct acquire our knowledge from is through our life experiences while using ethical reasoning and…show more content…
To a small extent, the knower can only control his or her own knowledge so much without someone already giving them knowledge to have through examples, experiences or opinions, or coming from instincts or their own equipped personal experience to know things from. An example is George Washington Carver, who let his faith in God lead him to the knowledge he gained of growing peanuts when he was still alive. George Washington Carver stated while at a peanut growing committee meaning, “If you go to the first chapter of Genesis in the bible, we can interpret very clearly, I think, what God intended when he said 'Behold, I have given you every herb that bears seed. To you it shall be meat. ' This is what He means about it. It shall be meat. There is everything there to strengthen and nourish and keep the body alive and healthy." Another example is Teachers being a role model for students in school. Teachers guide and show students for the most part how to gain their knowledge through their methods of teaching. Teachers have learned from their experiences and studied hard to be able to teach other people what they know and how they learned to know what they know. A person who pursues knowledge has to understand the way of thinking from his perspective towards the information. If that person is open minded, their perspective towards the pursuit of knowledge would be expansive and eager towards new

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