Kiwis Case Study

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• • Threats. The threats of the proposed training programme are uncertainty about the demand and whether one day’s tuition will do the subject justice and whether participants will be prepared to make the investment in terms of time and money – opportunity cost. Some would contend that people who advocate a good diet and plenty of exercise are very peculiar, and that heart surgeons are heroes. “Gatekeepers” might be most concerned with threats as they control information flows to others in the buying centre. Some company cultures discourage discussion about project risk.

Question Eight. Expansion Overseas. The first overseas country to expand SkillPower services into would be Australia, first by offering the standard three-day project
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Australians are usually optimistic, open, assertive, confident, direct and relaxed or laid-back, (Griffith University, n.d.) perhaps a little more so than Kiwis, but overall and despite the Aussie accent and penal colony history, the two countries have rather similar cultures. Like NZ, Australia was once part of the British Empire, and relative to many other countries is an egalitarian and ethnically diverse society with little segregation based on different backgrounds, occupations, incomes or religions, where people are free to live how they choose, although our Maori culture (7.9% by population) (Convict creations, n.d.) is much more prominent than is the Australian Aboriginal culture (1% by population) (Convict creations, n.d.). These cultural similarities are an important advantage when Kiwis conduct business in Australia. Thus, from a cultural viewpoint, SkillPower’s proposed expansion into Australia should proceed fairly easily without significant…show more content…
Both countries are politically stable democracies and recognise the rights of the individual, freedom of the press, value free enterprise, have trustworthy governments free of corruption, and independent judiciaries. They both welcome foreign investment. The Australian legal system is similar to the legal system in NZ, where business contracts are protected by the rule of law. Domestic and foreign companies are treated equally before the law. SkillPower can undertake business in Australia as a sole trader, in a joint venture, register as a new company, or procure a shelf company. Australia’s stable political and legal systems is another positive reason for selecting Australia for SkillPower’s expansion
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