Kite Runner Redemption

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“There is a way to be Good Again”: Past Actions and Redemption in Hosseini’s The Kite Runner

In The Kite Runner Amir, Baba and Sanaubar’s past actions all negatively affect those that are close to them, yet it is not their past that defines them, rather it is how they decide to amend their wrongdoings that reflects more on their character. After Hassan’s rape, Amir spends the rest of his life trying to redeem himself for his betrayal of his loyal friend and does so after saving Hassan’s son Sohrab. On the other hand, Baba betrays Ali and Hassan through his adultery and tries to redeem himself through his strong principles and acts of charity. Finally, Sanaubar ultimately hurts Hassan, as she abandons him at birth, but returns years later to
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He dishonours Ali in “the worst way an Afghan man can be dishonoured”(Hosseini, 238), by sleeping with his wife. Furthermore, due to his sense of pride and honour, he also becomes torn between Amir, who was the socially legitimate half and Hassan, the illigitimate half. He is a “tortured soul”, as he could not love Hassan openly and therefore neglects Amir of the affection and fatherly connection Amir is yearning for. Ironically, during Amir’s childhood, he tells him that, “there is only one sin. And that is theft…When you lie you steal someone’s right to the truth,” (Hosseini, 237), yet he stole from his children the right to know they were siblings, as well as Hassan’s identity. When he sees Amir, he is reminded of his feeling of guilt each time, which puts a huge strain on their relationship. Nevertheless, he uses those feelings of remorse as motivation to do good, as when he was feeding the poor on the streets, building the orphanage, saving the woman from being raped, giving money to friends in need and subtly doing acts of kindness towards Hassan, he slowly redeems…show more content…
In examining each of their journeys, Hosseini introduces readers to a more optimistic outlook on sin and redemption, proving that there is always “a way to be good again”(Hosseini,
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