Kite Runner Archetype Essay

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All people face challenges in their lifetime, whether it is something small or something big and impactful. The journey faced in order to get through a low point can be compared to a hero’s journey. The novel The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini follows the story of a boy named Amir and his lifelong journey in achieving redemption and forgiveness. In doing so he must go through a number of different challenging tasks and events. An archetype is a reoccurring symbol or motif in literature, art or mythology that can also be a person, whether they are good or bad does not matter. Amir faces many challenges and events that guide his past childish mistakes away from his poor reputation in order to be good again. In order for this revelation to occur…show more content…
Because there is no evidence of both Hassan and Farzana’s death, there is no way to tell that Sohrab is an actually orphan. When Amir mentions that Sohrab may have to go back to the orphanage, Sohrab gets upset and attempts to kill himself. Luckily Sohrab survives and his papers finally get cleared to get adopted. There is more hope and safety in America, Amir knows it is the only place for Sohrab. When Sohrab and Amir finally return, Sohrab goes through a period of silence. There is a noticeable difference between quiet and silence. “ It would be erroneous to say Sohrab [is] quiet. Quiet is peace. Tranquillity. Quiet is turning down the volume knob of life. Silence is pushing the OFF button. Shutting it down. All of it… It was the silence of one who has taken cover in a dark place.” (361). Sohrab is not comfortable and has not built trust yet, Amir and Soraya are willing to be patient, even if it means it might take a while to see a smile. Then one day when Soraya, Amir, and Sohrab go to the park they see kids out flying kites. Amir sees this as the perfect opportunity to finally see Sohrab’s smile. He picks out a kite from the vendor, ties the string and shows Sohrab how to fly a kite just like Hassan once did. As Amir ran for the kite he and Sohrab caught, Amir shouts: “for you a thousand times over” ( 371). A saying Hassan said after cutting the last kite, winning the annual Kite Running competition. Amir can know feel forgiveness whenever the name Hassan is
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