Kiranjit Ahluwalia:a Victim of Battered Woman’s Syndrome in Provoked

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In the movie Provoked, Kiranjit Ahluwalia is a victim of Battered Woman’s Syndrome because she has hallucinations, believes that she was at fault and portrays learned helplessness throughout the movie. Kiranjit is shown to be mentally ill because she has a change in personality. She becomes weaker and more fearful of her surroundings and cringes away from men such as her defendant in court during one trial. Further she daydreams more than usual of the incidents in which her husband abused her such as when she was pregnant, he pushed her down the stairs and later apologized. The viewer of the film portrays Kiranjit as helpless. The viewer sees her isolated environment in the husband’s house and later the prison cell and her behavior towards them. She seemed lonely and distant from everyone in the prison after the murder of her husband. Even when Ronnie, her cellmate, tried to make conversation, she only said two audible words at first. I diagnosed Kiranjit by first observing her behavior in the prison cell. A victim of this syndrome would feel guilty and fearful and distant from friends and family. These symptoms can lead to depression. Other symptoms include loss of self-esteem and dependence on others for survival, which she does because she cowers behind a police officer when a man walks up to her to take her to the prison cell. As part of the diagnoses I found out that Kiranjit refused to seek help in fear and love of her husband. I saw this when she had gone to the hospital after her husband tried to burn her face with an iron for spending his money for his children. The nurse asked her where the bruises had come from but she responded by lying and repeatedly glancing at her husband while doing so. The illness was ... ... middle of paper ... ... her children. Distrust after an abusive relationship is common. I would advise her to be independent and gain confidence for herself. The therapist should advise ways for her to live independently and plan ways for her to support her and her sons. The inaccurate depiction of Battered Woman’s Syndrome in this movie includes the time when Kiranjit recovers at the end. In reality, a victim of Battered Woman’s Syndrome will not suddenly regain confidence in a short period of time. For the purpose of the movie’s happy ending, Kiranjit “got better” at the end and manages to speak to the townspeople, face to face, of her situation after she got out of prison. However the depiction of the hallucination scene was well acted out. Kiranjit was sleeping in the cot below Ronnie, her cellmate Work Cited
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