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The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames is one of the Royal Boroughs of London which is a subsection of the thirty-two London boroughs. As its name suggests, Kingston is bordered by the Thames and is located in the southwest of London. (See Figure 9: Borough of Kingston) The borough consists of sixteen wards that are divided into four neighborhoods (Rego, 2011). Outside of central London, the Borough of Kingston can provide locals and tourists alike a variety of independent shops, parks, and historical attractions. Kingston has the second smallest population as well as 64,000 fewer houses than the other London boroughs. ("Ten interesting things," 2009). The population is mostly white (77%) and largest non-white ethnic group in the borough is Indian (5%) (table 1). The remaining 18% of the population is various ethinc groups. The local government of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames is a London Borough Council which is responsible for choosing the policies that will be implemented in the borough. These policies are then implemented by one of the five departments: Chief Executive, which handles legal and strategic services, Community Service, which takes care of housing and environmental health, Environmental Services, which impliments traffic, planning, business support, and waste management policies, Finance, which deals with the treasury and internal audit, and Learning and Children’s Services, which handles the schools and other learning services. The council, which is comprised of three elected councilors from each ward, has had a majority of Liberal Democrats since the 2002 election. The Conservative party has been gaining popularity since then, and in the 2010 election the Conservatives won 21 or the 48 co... ... middle of paper ... ...s 2011 round, shlaa, high fertility, borough sya. Retrieved from Sly, F. (2011, October 28). Region and country profiles, key statistics. Retrieved from London Councils, (2009). Ten interesting things: about london's boroughs (978-1-85494-166-4). Retrieved from London Councils website: Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners, (2011). Retail and town centre capacity study 2011 (1698652v2). Retrieved from Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners Ltd website:

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