King Prabu Tapa Agung and his Daughters

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Once, in West Java , there was a wise king named Prabu Tapa Agung. The King had seven daughters who were all pretty. They were Purbararang ( eldest ) , Purbadewata , Purbaendah , Purbakancana , Purbamanik , and the youngest , Purbasari . From the seventh daughter of the King , five of themare married and become a royal consort in another kingdom. Purbararang and Purbasari are still unmarried . However ,Princess Purbararang had dashing and handsome fiance named Raden Indrajaya, who was a son of one of the royal ministers . In the last few days, Prabu Tapa Agung looked really sad. There seems to be a problem. He is getting older and he can no longer do his duties well. He had to choose a daughter to replace him. He was really confused because Princess Purbararang was the eldest but she was very arrogant. Princess Purbasari was a very nice woman. She could be a good queen. He finally chose Princess Purbasari to replace him. When Princess Purbararang heard the news, she was very angry. She thought that she deserves the position more than her sister. Then she told the news to her fiancé. “ My dad is so unfair! He chose Purbasari to be the queen even though I’m the oldest child,” said Princess Purbararang. Princess Purbararang’s finance was very furious when he heard the news. “No, it can’t be this way! You’re supposed to be the queen,” Indrajaya exclaimed. " What should we do? " Asked Princess Purbararang . " We have to get rid of your sister! " Cried Indrajaya . Princess Purbararang and her fiancé decided to go to a wizard and asked him to give Princess Purbasari a disease. A few days later, Princess Purbasari was covered in black dots and her whole body itches. The king had called the best doctors but none of them can cure her. Prin... ... middle of paper ... ...basari’s turn, she took LutungKasarung’s hand and show him to everyone. “He is my fiancé,” she said. Purbararang and Indrajaya laughed at her. “Isn’t there an even uglier man than that langur?” Princess Purbararang said. LutungKasarung was very angry when he heard that. He prayed to God so he will be turned back into a human. Suddenly, LutungKasarung turned into Guruminda who is very handsome. Everyone there was wowed. Princess Purbasari won the contest. Princess Purbararang was supposed to be decapitated. But Princess Purbasari was a really nice person and she forgive her sister. She was also allowed to live in the palace. Princess Purbasari was crowned to be the queen and they live hapilly ever after Works Cited

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