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“King of the Bingo Game” Connections In the short story “King of the Bingo Game” by Ralph Ellison the author manages to connect and support his theme with the plot, setting, symbolism, point of view, irony, and characterization. The message Ralph Ellison wanted the reader to understand was where he came from and how people from his culture/background lived through his era. In his short story “King of the Bingo Game” he relates himself to the protagonist in the story who is also African American. Ralph Ellison writes about an African American living in the 1930’s when African Americans didn't have many rights. He can relate his self to the story by him actually being an African American who also lived through that time. What makes this story interesting is that Ralph Ellison actually saw these things happen in front of him. He didn’t just see people like him struggle, but he also saw African Americans like him succeeded in many things. Ralph Ellison uses his story to express his self as the protagonist and talk about his ups and downs by connecting everything to his point of view that he wants the reader to understand. Ralph Ellison didn’t just write “King of the Bingo Game” for people to read and analyze, but he was intelligent enough to get the reader to feel that they are actually in the story. This gives the reader a better understanding of the author’s point of view and puts them in his place in the story to have experienced the feeling at the time. According to James Baird’s article “The first technique reinforces the gritty, realistic quality of the story, and the second puts the reader in the place of the protagonist and helps the reader to experience the confusion that he feels”. This quote shows how Ralph Ellison is a g... ... middle of paper ... to power also accept the punishment that goes with telling truth”. This quote shows how Ralph Ellison knew if he wanted to be a great writer that he would have to write about events that really happened even if they were not safe for him to publish because it showed how people of his kind being criticized and mistreated by others because of their skin color, but were capable of accomplishing many things regarding what they had to go through. He could have been easily penalized or consequence by any random individual at the time for the things he wrote in his story about the way African Americans were mistreated, but he was a great writer to take the risk knowing what could happen to him. The characterization of the protagonist in “King of the Bingo Game” reflects to Ralph Ellison’s theme. He wants the reader to know that African Americans have goals and desire,

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