King Lear Essay Assignment: The Fool

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In every Shakespeare play, there is a guide mentor that observes the entirety of the protagonist’s position and acts as a counselor for such protagonist. In this case, we will be recognizing the guide mentor in Shakespeare’s, King Lear, which is portrayed by the character of the Fool. The Fool plays a very significant role within the play not only guiding Lear to become a better person, but also by using sharp, intelligent remarks with bright expression to associate Lear. Though he disappears after Act 3, Scene 6, he still plays a big role towards Lear’s development and learns mortification, anguish and empathy from the beginning. The Fool turns Lear from an ignorant king, to a sympathetic human being. The first instance, mortification, begins in scene five of the first act, where we see the beginning of Lear’s insanity. He is dividing his land and chooses to address Regan due to the contention between Goneril. The Fool states, “If a man’s brains were in’s heels, were’t not in danger of kibes?” (Act 1, Scene 5, Line 886) This line explains that Lear is not in his right mind and lo...

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