King Lear Character Analysis Essay

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In King Lear William Shakespeare gives king Lear a very kind personality and a very caring father towards his daughters. King Lear possesses traits that make him a soft person one that is very, calm and gentle hearted. His softness comes out in the beginning when he exclaims he tells his daughters she who loves him the most will get all the land. Lear falls victim to the lies of Reagan and Goneril while he casts out Cordila his only daughter that did not sweet talk him and loves him truly. You learn that his daughters Goneril and Reagan want to betray him so they get the kingdom to themselves. The two evil sisters plot to kill Lear seeing that he is blinded by his love for them and his willingness to help them in times of need. The author betrays lear as king but the reader knows the plot from the beginning on to the end on what his daughters plans are for their father and how it leads into the later parts of the story.
When Kent tries to confront lear about the mistake he is making about his daughters lear refuses to listen to Kent because he is still heated towards Kent while Kent being his devoted follower tries to tell lear that cordelia is the honest of his daughters. Lear still refuses to listen because of his pride as a king he won’t change his mind and is dead sure that he is right and everyone else is wrong about this opinion of his daughters betraying him and only loving him for his land and possessions like Reagan and goneril do.
When king lear isn’t obeyed by his followers he becomes frustrated and turns to the fool while he is depressed and needs help figuring out what has gone wrong with his kingdom. King lear becomes so frustrated that he even starts cursing in a way and almost provoking fights lear struggles wit...

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... real ties in to the main characters.
Later in the story Lear’s ego gets the best of him and he starts to lash out at certain characters. Later in the play Lears actions turn into consequences when dealing with Goneril He tells Reagan, “tis not thee to grudge my pleasures, to cut off my train…”
King Lear’s ego plays a big role in this play as his anger is fueled when cordelia says to him “I love you majesty no more nor less” Lear is angered by this comment and banishes her and lear responds by saying “ let it be so! Thy truth then be thy dower!” after this happens Lear is driven insane and knows that he has gone mad “Oh, let me not be mad, not be, sweet heavens! Keep me in temper…” Lear dies because of the shock the cordelia’s hanging.
Shakespeare successfully reveals kings lears thoughts threw The fool. The fool shares the same thoughts and believes with lear
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