King Lear Character Analysis Essay

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King Lear was one of Shakespeare’s lifetime popular work, and one of his most powerful works. Many people believe it was Shakespeare’s best tragedies ever committed. In this paper I will be giving a brief summary of the story as it unfolds; and a character analysis from the main characters are going to be presented as well.
King Lear of Britain decided to step down from his throne, leaving his kingdom to his three daughters. Before the king divides his kingdom the king tests. The three daughters had to express their love for the king; his two oldest daughters Goneril and Regan sweet talk the king for a part of the kingdom. Cordelia the youngest and Lear’s favorite remained silent and told the king that no word can express her love for the king. King Lear became furious for not hearing the sweet words he was expecting and disowns Cordelia. She then leaves the country to marry the king of France. (Mabillard)
Lear’s most trusted counselor Earl of Kent is also banished for defending Cordelia. Kent seeing danger in the Kings oldest daughters leads him to put himself in disguise as a servant. He remains close to King Lear to protect him from Goneril and Regan who decides to usurp their father’s kingdom. Meanwhile the Earl of Gloucester is also dismayed by the events happening in his household. Edmund his illegitimate son told Gloucester that Edgar his legitimate son is trying to kill him. This being a lie by Edmund to obtain his brothers birthright. (Mabillard)
When Gloucester realizes that Lear’s daughter have turned against him he decides to help him. Regan and her husband Cornwall discover Gloucester helping Lear and accuse him of treason, bling him and turns him to wonder the countryside. He later is found by his disguised son ...

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...r father and turned against him. They plotted their father’s death with Edmund. He was the son of Gloucester; he was evil and wicked. Not only does he plot the king’s death but his own father’s death too blaming it on his brother.
Edgar was the opposite of his brother Edmund. He is similar to Cordelia; both suffer very much thought out the story. Unlike Cordelia, Edgar does remain alive at the end, and ends up being the King of Britain with Kent and Albany. Kent was King Lear’s loyal companion and counselor. He remains incognito to stay with the king. Kent remained loyal to his king after he realized the king’s daughter’s heartless actions.
These were the conflicts King Lear faced throughout the story. Many of the conflicts being from love, power, loyalty, and family. At the end of it all the king died of grief that he could have prevented from the beginning.
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