King Lear Character Analysis

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King Lear is losing his mind, he is being back stabbed and lied to by his daughters when all he wanted from them was to see how much they truly love him and hear the truth on how they really felt about him. While reading “King Lear” written by William Shakespeare I noticed that many conflicts and character feuds occurred. The first act starts with character conflict between Cordelia, Goneril and Regan when King Lear orders them to express their love for his land. While Goneril and Regan exaggerate and tell their father what he wants to hear, Cordelia tells the truth and receives nothing. As the act continues you see separation between the family.
Goneril and Regan are clever; they know what they want and would do anything to get it. they are very deceiving and manipulative. The psychoanalytical conflict continues when Lear isn’t acting like a king he starts acting childish and selfish it seems like his pride is starting to pull him down. Goneril is the first to notice and reacts to it by telling Oswald before her father shows up to “treat Lear and his men poorly” just as you would think it wouldn’t make the king get a better attitude toward life.
King Lear’s behavior actually gets worse you notice this when Lear starts being aggressive and starts drinking, he also reacts to what Goneril told Oswald by disrespecting his daughter. Another way you can tell the king is losing it because after everything his daughter lied to him about he only divides the land between Goneril and Regan which are the ones who lied to him. Cordelia on the other hand which is the only daughter who told the truth didn’t get one piece of land and also got banished by her father. I know if I was a father and had my head on straight unlike King Lear I would h...

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... him his ego is also overwhelmed and weakened by the traumatic event, it triggers psychotic madness.
I think if I was in king Lear’s shoes I wouldn’t have asked my daughters how much they loved me. I would have just divided the land equally so you wouldn’t have to worry about anybody’s feelings getting hurt or worry about anybody going crazy.

Going into writing this essay I didn’t even know what psychoanalytic criticism was. Now that I know it’s a literary work that focuses on the text as a window into the mind of the author. I now understood the play king Lear because I can actually see what the author is picturing when he is writing the play. From all the violence or to the sorrow I can see Gloucester getting his eyes plucked out and the fight between Edmund and Edgar also Goneril poisoning Regan and then killing herself it’s a tragic play all the way around.
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