King Charles I Murder Essay

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Through the analysis of the document, ‘King Charls His Speech’, a number of questions and answers result. However, the question of why was Charles I executed is only briefly answered by Charles I’s speech itself, when Charles I states, ‘for all the world knows that I never did begin a War with the two Houses of Parliament.’ Despite this question only being briefly answered by King Charles himself, through his speech immediately before his death, a number of historians have given detailed reasons as to why Charles I was executed. Firstly, the secondary sources ‘The Trial and Execution of Charles I’ (by Clive Holmes), ‘The Death of Charles I’ and ‘The Trial of The Charles I’ (both by Sean Kelsey) all argue that the Parliamentarians’ intention was never to execute Charles I. Rather, they intended to negotiate with King Charles I. However, Charles I’s refusal of their terms to ‘accept significant restriction of royal authority’ , ultimately led to him being found guilty of treason and executed on the 30th January 1648. The main arguments of each of these sources is centred around the ...
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