King Arthur, Sir Gawain and Superman

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Rick Riordan said “A hero can go anywhere, challenge anyone, as long as he has the nerve.” and he is correct because that is exactly what King Arthur, Sir Gawain and Superman do. They risk their very own lives and put themselves in front of others with their courageous acts from fighting great green knights to fighting the towns super villain. They do it all just to protect their city. The culture of the Medieval Ages valued with bravery and courtly love which was reflected in the exploits and adventures of King Arthur and Sir Gawain; the modern culture trait of compassion is embodied in the modern hero Superman. “Chivalry based its rules first on the knight's duty to defend the people he had promised to defend. To run away or give up was unacceptable; knights fought to the death or until they were captured and disarmed.” (Knights) These knights because of their bold and courageous acts were valued by everyone in the kingdom including, monks, woman, children, and the very old and sick who were unable to fight. “Chivalry also required a knight to be loyal to his lord and to his fellow knights.” (Knights) Explaining the duties of knights and how they helped out their fellow people and the town also how fearless and brave they were thus making us believe that all knights back then where honorable, compassionate, brave men. Knights were also extremely valued because they risked their lives for the people and their king. "Although knights were trained horsemen, they did not always go into battle as cavalrymen. On many occasions it was thought better for a large part of an army to dismount and form a solid body, often supported by archers and groups of cavalry." (“Into Battle”) Like our army and troops now, knights did not always fight ... ... middle of paper ... ...e similarities they can also differentiate in their own ways. Super man has super powers that King Arthur, Sir Gawain did not have and he used those super powers to defeat the villains and protect Metropolis. Sir Gawain and King Arthur did not have super powers they had their very own weapon and fought in battles for their city and people. Sir Gawain and King Arthur also fought in wars for their country and Superman fought in battles to protect his city from new foes to the same one like Lex Luthor. Superman is also a made up character or a fictional character that people made up during WWII to relate to the problems that America was phasing around the era of WWII thus the reason they created Superman. Sir Gawain and King Arthur where made up many years ago in the Medieval times through stories and how they fought for their kingdom and how they protected from danger.

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