King Akenaten: The Life And Life Of King Tutankhamen

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In ancient Egypt, tales of gods and goddesses were being told to each young one eager to listen. The stories ranged from great leaders doing heroic things to the creation of this world. Rulers during that time were building majestic tombs for the afterlife, building pyramids or keeping the country in control! One famous pharaoh was king Tutankhamen who ruled for just a few years into his adulthood. His life was a tragic but majestic one and his life will forever be remembered across history as one of the most righteous rulers in Egypt.
King tut was born circa 1341 B.C.E. He was given the name Tutankhaten which means “ the living image of Aten”. Aten was the god of all gods. During his young years of childhood, the young phaorah was living with poltical problems from the former ruler Akenhaten (possibly Tuts father) who was called a “heretic king” who changed the ideas of religion and changed ancient Egypt and pushed it into political movements. Akenaten died and Tut who was nine years old took over around 1332 B.C.E.
Since King Tut was so young, “his first years of his reign were probably controlled by an elder known as Ay” ( Ay bore the title Vizier. Also Ay was accompanied by Horemheb who was the top military leader during that time in Eygpt. Horemheb and Ay decreed to stop the worshipping of Aten. Tutankhaten then changed his name, to King Tutankhamun which means the “living image of Amun.” King Tut was then married to Ankhesenamun who was his half sister. Tutankhamun then had the royal court to move back to the Thebes where the court was originally there before.
In Thebes, he sent out artisans to restore the name of the old god Amun who had been violated by Akhenatens minions. Many statues were being create...

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...all inside each other. The final coffin was sealed with gold and jewles that were encrusted in the interiors. After they lifted the lid, they found the dead mummy King Tutankhamun that was hidden from the living for over 3,000 years! They found jewelry all around Tut. Howard and his partner excavated the tomb over seventeen years and send all the artifacts to the capital now currently in Cairo, Egypt. News about the discovery of the boy pharaohs tomb was quickly spread all across the world and received much publicity!
Tutankhamun life did not end in tragedy after all. He was a young boy pharaoh who ruled across the golden age of ancient Egypt. The age of revolution and prosperity that will forever change history’s course as we know it. He will be marked in history as one the most memorable pharaohs that ever lived and his life was a fascinating one at his age.
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