Kinds Of Unfair Foreign Competition

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kinds of unfair foreign competition. 2.3 GATT and Anti Dumping under Uruguay Round: The striking feature of GATT is that the rules are applicable equally to trade between the member countries. Eight rounds of successful trade negotiations have taken place under GATT which were later ratified and implemented by the member nations. The earlier rounds under trade negotiations were focused on reduction of tariffs on merchandise. The outcome was that the average tariff rate at the time of GATT was 40% was reduced to 4% in the early 1990’s. Agriculture and textile products were not covered in the earlier rounds and were included in the Uruguay Round. In fact the prominence changed and widened in the Uruguay Round which included: • Non-tariff trade barriers acknowledged more consideration • Agriculture and textiles were incorporated • Trade in services and intellectual property was well thought-out for the first time. • The powers and structure of the GATT organization were adapted to make it stronger. Under the Uruguay Round Agreement, tariffs will be reduced on medical equipment, pharmaceutical, wood, paper, scientific instruments, chemicals, aluminum and construction equipment. Synchronization of regulations of origin shall be accomplished by 1998 and anti-dumping regulations were strengthened. The existing agricultural tariffs will be concentrated. Subsidies on exports will be reduced and no further new subsidies to be introduced. Import licenses will be done away with. The member countries can convert non tariff barriers to tariffs and those tariffs must be abridged over a particular time period for example, import quotas can be replaced by tariff rate quotas. The outcome of this agreement would be that the countries with... ... middle of paper ... ...interest clause” provides a strong, decisive base but contrary to the Indian law no such status has ever been awarded. 2.3.2 Transparency and Public Notice: The major provision relating to public notice is that a country imposing an antidumping action will have to publish information say-- general explanation on how the determination was reached, data on which the determination is based and explanations particularly as to why at various stages a methodological option particularly was chosen. Regarding transparency requirements opportunities must be provided to all interested parties to defend their interests. Access to all information must be given which were developed by the investigating authorities and all the non confidential information which are supplied by other parties. They may be allowed to comment and make an appearance based on that information.

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