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In America during the the 18th century, women were quite inferior to men and treated as if they were part of their husband’s property. They did not get a great deal of education neither did they have high ranked job positions like men. Their job was just to give pleasure to their husbands, bear children, and do domestic chores. They had no rights or power outside nor in the household. Since their childhood, they have been taught by their mothers on how to become an ideal wife. Instead of getting education, they were taught how to do certain domestic tasks and and other useful things that could make them excellent wives. When the slave system came, it had quite a great appeal to white women. In the article, “Paternalism and the Southern Hierarchy” by Erin Mulligan, it explains how women were willing collaborators of the slave system because it was very beneficial to their lives and status. The character of Margaret Weylin in Kindred, by Octavia E. Butler, is a white women who was very collaborate of the slave system because she liked having authority over her slaves. She wanted to show everyone that she had absolute power in her household.
The slave system gave Margaret a sense that it heightened her status and defined her role as a housewife. She “rushed everywhere” and “supervised--ordered people to do work they were already doing, criticized their slowness and laziness even when they were quick and industrious” (93-94). Women were usually inferior to men so slaves gave them power in the household. The could order them around to do this and that, possessing authority and power over them. Just like Margaret who was “determined to be a kind of person she thought of as a lady”, women liked being known ...

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...ecause it heightened their statuses, defined their role as a housewife, alleviated them from domestic tasks and empowered them. It was the authority they got from slavery that allowed themselves to feel more secure about themselves. They wanted to get some power for themselves. They were always known as vulnerable and weak to everything. In life, sometimes people support and do things only for themselves or their reputation. They do not care if it is right or wrong, they just do it because it would be good for them. This really connects to women back in the 18th century because it was how things were. There was barely any white people who rethought about slavery, thinking what they were doing was actually wrong. It was not really about right or wrong during that time. People just went along with the crowd, doing and accepting things like everyone else.
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