Kindergarten Readiness Essay

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Kindergarten Readiness
Are our children prepared for Kindergarten? How can we as parents help prepare our children for Kindergarten? Over the years, studies have found that children are not being prepared for Kindergarten. Researchers of the United States Department of Education have found that "6 out of 10 Kids Unprepared for Kindergarten", meaning sixty percent of the nation’s children are not prepared to enter the Kindergarten atmosphere. (Livingstone 2015) Though some parents find their children exceeding the requirements for Kindergarten, many parents are finding that their child is unprepared for the atmosphere of the Kindergarten educational expectations.
Many researchers have found that preschool education determines the fact of how
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Parents who spend extra time reading each day with their children enhance the child’s capabilities for kindergarten readiness. Not only does this prepare the child for the classroom setting with the teacher, but also, this prepares the parents for involvement in the child’s academic life. “Storytime fosters a smooth transition into school because it gives youngsters an opportunity to practice the skills they will need in kindergarten. Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors of kindergarten readiness is a child's eagerness to learn.” (Arnold & Colburn 2009). Children who are familiar with books and story time tend to become familiar with school more quickly than children who do not as they have already practiced this fundamental learning…show more content…
In fact, kindergarten teachers select qualities essential for school readiness that have nothing to do with academics. They want youngsters to demonstrate curiosity, persistence, and cooperation, and be able to communicate their needs, wants, and thoughts verbally. Children entering kindergarten should be able to converse with peers and talk to adults outside of the family. Preschoolers attending storytime learn to respond to verbal questions and instructions, and often develop a close relationship with library staff. This relationship sets positive expectations for a similar bond with their kindergarten teacher. (Arnold & Colburn

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