Kindergarten Readiness Case Study

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Quantitative and Qualitative Purpose Exercises:

Purpose Statement—Qualitative

1.The problem of teacher and parental communication during the kindergarten readiness process must be addressed for a smoother transition for young students. The necessity of addressing (1) teacher involvement in readiness transition and (2) effective communication interactions with the parent will be identified as a means in which to bring better results for student transition into kindergarten. One study defines the important role of early parent and teacher interaction as a means in which to resolve these anxieties for kindergarten readiness: “Early identification of teacher and parent goals for preschool children, frank discussion of upcoming transitions
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(2012). Kindergarten readiness and preschools: teachers ' and parents ' beliefs within and across programs. Early Childhood Research & Practice, 14(2). Retrieved from

2.Teachers often assume that students have all of the primary requirements for kindergarten readiness, which needs to address the problematic assumption made about the student’s educational background. This qualitative study will attempt to ask the opinions of kindergarten teachers from a larger study group fro various parts of the country. This national interview process will attempt to uncover the assumptions made about student development, as a means in which to increase the verification process of the student’s ability to adapt to kindergarten standards. Boone et al (2003) agrees with the need for a more comprehensive evaluation process, which includes (a) children are ready to benefit from school, (2) readiness is more than just knowing ABCs and numbers, and that (3) the backgrounds of children may vary. These standards provide a broader range of evaluation process that can verify the student’s background without assuming that the student may be prepared for kindergarten. Teachers need to provide a more objective standardization of the child’s educational capabilities as part of a readiness plan. The purpose of this study is to address the issue of teacher evaluations as part of a more efficient readiness plan for children coming into
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