Kim Jong Un Has Ruled A Totalitarian State Since The Death Of His Father

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Kim Jong-un has ruled a totalitarian state since the death of his father in 2011. Kim has rejected any changes warning of the dangers of outside contagion. Maintaining its aggressive attitude and negative behavior toward its neighbors, North Korea has remained in defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions, and threatened nuclear attacks on the United States and its allies, while continuing to work on its nuclear and missile capabilities. Almost all property belongs to the state. Government control extends even to domestically produced goods and all imports and exports. The government controls almost every section of the economy. The government sets production levels for most products, and state-owned industries account for nearly all GDP. Large military spending further drains scarce resources. The state determines wages. It also tightly controls the labor market and people 's movement. North Korea is isolated from the global economy causing international trade and investment sectors to be tightly controlled by the government. The financial sector is completely controlled by the state with no exceptions. There is not a tax system in place; the government commands the majority of the economy. The government has set production levels for producers and state owned industries (North Korea, 2016). Societal Issues Related to Population, Resources and Food North Korea currently has a population of 24.7 million people. Because of the Regime in North Korea, there has been in a food shortage since the early 1990’s. The government refuses to invest effectively in the failing agricultural policies. The mismanagement of the government has led to its people suffering from adverse climate conditions that have been made worse... ... middle of paper ... ...ilable. North Korea has shut off all of the ties with society outside of the state. The government monitors everything that comes in or out of the country. The majority of the individuals are driven to black markets or illegal activities. In order to change, North Korea would need to start by having a different form of government. The individuals of North Korea need to be able to farm their land, make profits, and have access to nutrition and medical care. Medical care needs to be open to all of the people of North Korea, and the government need to establish trade with other countries to allow more food to become available for their citizens. Many of the people are denied the basic needs of nutrition every day. For North Korea to change for the better, the government needs to better connect with the people for the greater good and not for the benefit of corruption.

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