Kids and Gun Control

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In the cartoon it shows a little boy knocking on the door of the National Rifle Association, the man at the door hands the little boy two–twenty three caliber guns, as he smiles. The man has wrapped the guns in what is supposed to be the 2nd amendment. This paper will focus on gun control and kids. I would hope that nobody would just hand a child a firearm. I know growing up; it was common for the boys to go hunting with the men. The boys were never alone with the hunting rifles, and were taught to respect firearms. The kids knew that these guns were not toys and nothing to be played with. This was a long time ago, before all the school shootings that have come about in the last few years. My Dad now keeps all the guns under lock and safe to make sure that no one has access to them, but him. This is a great idea, but not fail safe, a child or a burglar could still get a hold of them with one slip up. I think that no one should really have guns but our military; this would ensure that our crime rates would drop. We would still have petty crimes, but not murders on a daily basis, like we do now. “The United States has a huge number of guns, perhaps as many guns as there are adults (well over 200,000,000). The U.S. also has the weakest national gun laws in comparison with almost all other economically developed, democratic nation. Compared with these countries, U.S. gun violence is very high” (Carter). It’s no wonder that kids get a hold of guns as often as they do; guns are in the hands of the wrong people. The United States needs to have better laws in place for guns, or we do not need to have them at all. We are the only country that isn’t fighting with its self that has a problem with crime and murder the way... ... middle of paper ... ...ld is having issues, do something about it. Parents are in the home and should know what going on at all times, they need to make sure that their guns are locked up and unloaded. If you think that your child has problems, seek the help of a physician. Therapy is a great tool for parents when they have nowhere else to turn. The last thing that we need is more children dying from gun shots; it is a waste of life. Works Cited Carter, Gregg Lee. Gun Control in the United States: A Reference Handbook. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2006. "Hot Guns." Front Line. June 1997. Public Broadcasting System. 23 Nov 2009 . Koch, Kathy. "School Violence: Are American Schools Safe?" 9 October 1998: 32. CQ Researcher. 30 Nov 2009.

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