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It was January 21, 2007. It was about two weeks after Yagami had his heart attack. There had been no breakthroughs in the Kira case. We were just waiting as he continued to kill and be free. It was frustrating for all of us. I was working on a puzzle. There wasn't much else to do, honestly. That day didn't feel different from the others. There was something off, though. Like I shouldn't have gotten up that morning but had no clue why. I kept trying to shake it off, but it kept coming back. Someone put their hand on my shoulder, breaking me from my thoughts. I was about to say hello to whoever it was when I turned and saw the look in L's eye. He seemed upset about something. It wasn't very noticeable to the others, but I knew the difference from him thinking about an investigation and thinking about something else troubling. I asked, concerned, "What's wrong?" "I need to tell you something, Hikari. We should talk in your room," L said. Knowing I wouldn't get anything else out of him, I nodded and followed him to my suite. He sat down on the couch in a normal position, so I was completely sure it wasn't about the investigation. What could have happened? I sat next to him and repeated, "Ryuzaki, what's wrong? What happened?" "It's B," was all he said. It seemed like he was almost afraid to tell me. A sick feeling settled in my stomach as I nodded, "Okay. Did he escape?" "No. Hikari… Beyond had a heart attack earlier today," he finally revealed. "Well, is he alright? That doesn't even make sense. He's only twenty-three," I protested. I didn't want to believe what it really meant. I didn't want to hear it. I wanted to think he was still sitting in his prison cell in America. L would never let me, though. "Hikari,... ... middle of paper ... act like he was alive. "You're leaving tonight for California. Someone needs to pick up his belongings, and you can say goodbye to him there. The plane leaves at seven-fifteen p.m., so you should start packing. Your return trip is on the twenty-third at five in the morning. I'll go tell the others of your absence," L volunteered, most likely because he didn't know how to deal with me anymore. I had probably given him a huge shock, which at the time, I hadn't realized. I hadn't even seen how white his knuckles were during the whole situation. Whether it was from the surprise of my news or him keeping his grief to himself, I didn't know. I was left alone in the room. I remembered that same feeling a few years ago when I was sitting in my room at the orphanage after hearing the news of B's disappearance. At least back then I had hope I'd see him again one day.

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