Khaled Hosseini

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When first arrived in America, Khaled Hosseini did not know a single drop of English, but now looking at his works, Hosseini has come a long way, enough to make him one of America’s bestselling authors. At the age of fifteen, Hosseini was enrolled into Independence High School in San Jose where he was listed to the lowest English class for his grade. There, he was surrounded by many students that were unmotivated to succeed. Nevertheless, this made no influence on Khaled, which demonstrates his determination built inside him already has a young adult. Rather, being put in the lower English class became a motivation for him because it urged him to strive for a higher and more advanced education. According to his interview with James Mustich, Editor-in-Chief, Barnes & Noble Review, Hosseini stated that “The most difficult …and most embarrassing thing for me was not knowing the language and not being able to communicate [making] high school experience for me . . . well, let's just say it's not an experience I look back on very fondly. I felt disengaged from much of high school culture…but eventually I picked it up [my sophomore year]” (Hosseini). Khaled’s shame in his inability to communicate with others in America is demonstrated through his isolation he felt when first arriving to America and through his protagonist from The Kite Runner, Amir. Hosseini inputs most of the experiences he undergoes through Amir, having the two share common traits such as when both Amir and Khaled experienced difficulty in speaking English and trouble with fitting in with their peers due to their struggle in English. But, the humiliation Khaled felt driven him to study even harder because by his sophomore year, Khaled’s second year of schooling in ...

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...ving back in order to present the love and gratitude to what helped build your character and shaped your aspirations and for Khaled, it was his homeland back in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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