Khaled Case Study

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1. Looking at the feedback that you gave to partners over the semester, summarize the type of feedback that you gave to partners (such as the clarity, the main idea, the organization).
• My feedback to my partner were mainly about the organization, sentence structure and the grammar. I gave my partners these feedbacks because in order to have a decent essay, there should be an excellent grammar and the sentence structure. After that, people can understand what the writer is trying to imply. Without a proper sentence structure, grammar and with a poor organization can make the essay less persuasive and weaker. Thus, tried my best to help my classmates to fix those weaknesses.
2. Include example pictures of the feedback that you gave to illustrate
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Explain in what ways the feedback that you gave was or wasn’t likely to be helpful to a partner.
• I think the feedback I gave to my partner was helpful because he noticed the error that he did not notice with my help. Therefore, Kris improved his sentence structure at least a bit based on my suggestive comments. Also, I revised Khaled’s essay and I suggested him “you can write more information about the person you are interviewing”. I suggested this because I thought if Khaled introduce the person better, the audience will be able to know why they have to believe his interview. Just like this one, I gave many comments and suggestions that I hope helped my classmates.
4. Discuss your experience giving feedback in a way that shows your critical thinking through the process. For example, you could explain why you think that you noticed those writing issues, or what you gained from the experience of giving
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Looking at the feedback that your workshopping partners gave you over the semester, summarize the type of feedback they gave you (such as the clarity, the main idea, the organization). If you want to include the feedback discussed in person as well, you can.
• I received numerous great feedback this semester from my classmates. Mainly, those feedbacks were focused on the organization of my essay. For example, they suggested me to move some of my sentences to different place in order to improve it in terms of persuasiveness.
2. What kind of feedback was most useful for you in making revisions for your next drafts?
• Personally, those feedbacks focused on the organization were most helpful. This is because sometimes I wrote certain sentences in a wrong place which made my essay complicated to read. Therefore, with their help I was able to notice those errors and make my essay much better.
3. Is there any kind of feedback you generally did not take when you revised following workshopping? Why?
• Ultimately, all of those feedbacks I received were extremely useful to write more convincing and better essays. Thus, I took all the feedbacks I received in order to make my essays better. Moreover, I am very thankful to my fellow classmates for giving a me a honest feedbacks throughout the
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