Keystone Species Essay

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Did you know that animals and plants are dieing from living and even non living things. So predator - prey relationships have a big deal of the population on plants and animals because the predator will eat them. But with the predator - prey relationships they all have a connection together. The one that controls how the population of all the things is the keystone species because they keep everything in check just like a printable in school. But what happens if the keystone species die and can it affect the ecosystem strongly? So living and Nonliving factors have a big affect on the population of the and and the animals.
Living and nonliving factors population can be affected if a keystone species dies. Trees give nutrients to other trees and that is how they talk. But if it get affect by a bug and it got poising it would die and could kill more trees. What would happen is a trophic cascade because plants can die from getting the poison. But something positive it can stay alive because of the roots getting tangled with a tree. Also animals would die from the trees because how they tree will die and they could not get any food from the
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When an animal eats something that has a parasite in it then it can die and when an animal dies it is an example of a symbiosis. This does not help the reproduction of the animal because it would die or maybe it can have eggs and none of them would hatch. This could be positive because if that animal is overpopulating the ecosystem that could help a lot. Also this could be bad because if that was a keystone species a trophic cascade would happen and animals and plants would overpopulate. All this show is that living and nonliving factors within the ecosystems population is going down drastically because of predator - prey relationships and trophic cascade. This all shows how this all connect to each other now. Bu what is the human 's role in all of
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