Keyboard Shortcuts

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Main Window Keyboard Shortcuts Menu File * Load Device Profile... - Applies a complete profile of settings to IDBLUE from an XML file * Save Device Profile... - Save the current IDBLUE profile to an XML file * Exit - Close IDBLUE Manager View * Refresh - Refresh the current page Tools * Clear Event Window - remove all entries from the event window (N.B. Clearing the Event Window does not clear IDBLUE Manager's rolling log file. IDBLUE Manager maintains 2 rolling log files in the Application Data folder of the users profile.) * Clear Navigation History - clear all items from the navigation buttons in the toolbar * Restore Default Window Settings - restores the default window sizes and user options * Battery Meter - Enables / disables the battery meter in the lower right corner of IDBLUE Manager. * Change Bluetooth Name... - Brings up the 'Change Bluetooth Name' Dialog, to allow changing the Bluetooth name of the connected IDBLUE device. * IDBLUE Factory Reset - Restore the IDBLUE device to factory defaults. See IDBLUE Fa...
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