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Key Forces Innovations (Research and Development) The main reason Apple Inc. products standouts from its competitors is due to its innovative technology, therefore Apple Inc. should continue setting its focus on the research and development field while at the same taking the considerations of the customers’ feedback on improving the specifications of the Apple’s products. One of the examples would the screen size of the iPhone is relatively small as compared to the competitors’ smart phones while the customers are demanding for a larger screens to ease the daily’s work especially the young adults. Besides, due to the life cycles of the gadgets and innovations are very short and people are always demand for higher and better technology, to remain as a leader in the industry, Apple Inc. must provide the latest innovations…show more content…
To increase the sales of the company, resources especially the talents in the company shall be working on the cost minimization. Apple Inc. has an objective to expand their sales to the customers who have not yet own any Apple’s products (Chris, 2011), minimizing the cost and thus the selling price of an Apple’s product could assist the organization in achieving this objective. Improve the After-Sales Services One of the reasons why Apple Inc. is so successful according to an article at Time Online Magazine is that the company offers great customer service and in-store experiences (Bajarin, 2012) which the element could be improved by setting more customer services kiosk in the coming near future to ease the after-sales services. Reason being that only the party authorized by Apple Inc. could repair an Apple’s product, else the warranty of the products might be terminated while the repair services provided by Apple Inc. were not easy to be found in certain area. Compatible of iOS with Other Software and

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