Ketogenic Diet Essay

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Diets have been an altering factor in the prevalence of acne in individuals. A Ketogenic diet has been studied to determine if the low carbohydrate high protein and fat diet altered the impact of acne vulgaris (Paoli, et al., 2012). Ketogenic diet is a diet that almost completely eliminates carbohydrates from the body and solely operate the body on increased portions of protein and fat. The idea surrounding this diet is that the body will constantly run on ketones and cause the body fat to be used and turned into energy. When increasing to such large amounts of protein the theory is that the body will be able preserve lean body mass (Paoli, et al., 2012). There is a saying that “fat burns in the flame of a carbohydrate” and this describes the effect that occurs during the Krebs Cycle when glucose storages are at an extremely low amount. At this point the body must convert protein and fat to glucose to be able to supply the body with the necessary amount to be able to function (Paoli, et al., 2012). Other studies have suggests the idea that a low carbohydrate diet decreases the prevalence of acne vulgaris and this diet would be no different. The goal of a Ketogenic Diet and its relationship to decreasing acne vulgaris can be viewed through a series of tests and the pathways that these ketones follow. When observing ketosis in these individuals it was shown that there were several reduced markers of have inflammation in the acne lesions. Insulinemia was determined to have been decreases and this altered the pathway that IGF-1 has. Because of this it can be determined to be an excellent factor of decreasing the prevalence and aggression of acne vulgaris (Paoli, et al., 2012). The blood glucose levels were taken and the average was... ... middle of paper ... ... increase in acne lesions and sebaceous glands. Those who did the opposite in this study and followed a low glycemic diet saw improvement and decreased their overall amount of acne vulgaris. Carbohydrates play an important role for fueling the body and aiding in proper function. However the type of carbohydrate taken in and how much can have an effect upon the body. A low glycemic diet is for individuals who may need to follow them for health reasons and can also be an option for those who want to decrease the amount of acne vulgaris. Even though this is still in constant research and all of the reason that acne vulgaris is prevalent is not yet certain there are ways to combat it. Following a low glycemic diet is indeed a way to combat the prevalence of acne vulgaris and is another option for individuals to follow if there are no other options available for them.

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