Kepler's Laws

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Kepler's Laws In today's world, we have very advanced technology. There have been many new technological and medical advancements as we entered the new century. The Internet allows us to shop, talk, and find valuable information on very scarce topics, and even check stocks with a simple click of a button. Medical advancements had recently been discovered on "The Human Genome Projects," the first gene was mapped and within a short period of time we will have mapped out all the genes in a human chromosome. This is absolutely amazing because we will now be able to reveal the many causes of serious deadly diseases. Throughout the years, we have gained the technology to send astronauts into space to gather new information about our universe. However, without all of this technology that we have today, a man was able to discover a great deal of information about our universe. This man's name was Johannes Kepler. Johannes Kepler was born on December 27, 1571 in the village of Leonberg outside the small town of Weil der Stadt, in Swabia. His father was a mercenary soldier and his mother the daughter of an innkeeper. Johannes was their first child out of seven children. His father left home for the last time when Johannes was five, and is believed to have died in the war of the Netherlands. As a child, Johannes lived with his mother in his grandfather's inn. When Kepler was a child he went to a local school and then at a nearby seminary. Later on in his education, he enrolled at the University of Tubingen, which is now a bastion of Lutheran orthodoxy. During his lifetime he formulated three laws of planetary motion. However, he did not set out at first to formulate these three laws, instead he was originally working on und... ... middle of paper ... ... the planets. Much of the work done in modern astronomy is still based on Kepler's three laws of planetary motion. He was very advanced for his time, and if he had not made such great discoveries the human race would have been far behind in the exploration of outer space. Bibliography: Works Cited 1) Johannes Kepler: The Laws of Planetary Motion 2) Johannes Kepler 3) Johannes Kepler 4) Fleisher, Paul. Secrets of the Universe. McMillan : New York, 1987. 5) Silverberg, Robert. Four Men Who Changed the Universe. GP Putnam's Sons : New York, 1968. 6) Baker, Robert and Fredrick, Laurence. Astronomy Ninth Edition. Litton Educational Publishing: New York, 1971.

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