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Kenosha, Wisconsin has been offered a proposal. Hard Rock Casino in Florida wants to build a casino in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The project is an $808million project. If built, the casino would be placed on the former Dairyland Greyhound Dog Track. According to Bill Martens, the casino would consist of "3100 slot machines and 75 gambling tables, along with restaurants, an upscale hotel, and a 5000-seat multipurpose entertainment facility" (Jobs, Problem Gambling At Focus Of Kenosha Casino, 2013). In comparison to Potawatomi and Ho-Chunk, the Casino in Kenosha would be the largest casino in Wisconsin. This project has brought up many issues. Ever since the application for the project has been completed and brought to Governor Walker for his approval, many problems have been brought to the table. Job loss, Wisconsin economy goes down, most of the profit is going to Hard Rock in Florida, and will the property tax even better Wisconsin as a whole are some of the issues that is conflicting with the approval of the casino. Should the casino be built is the question. Governor Walker should not ratify the casino.
There will be a downward spiral in Wisconsin's economy, especially Milwaukee if the casino is built. According to Mike Lowe, if the casino is built, $250 million will be lost between Ho-Chuck and Potawatomi each year (Lowe, 2013). Mike also states that "the opposing tribes believe a new casino will siphon business away from their casinos (Lowe, 2013). Matt Barbato points out an expansion on Potawatomi. He said "Potawatomi is currently working on a $97.5 million hotel project, which is expected to open in the spring"(Barbato, 2013). Even though the Kenosha project will take a few years but if built, it would take away from Potawatomi'...

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...onsin will see in this scenario is if it fails to act and a casino is built in Illinois, either by a gaming company or a tribe. The Illinois Legislature is considering five new casinos, one of which will be located only a few miles from Kenosha. If Illinois builds a casino instead of Wisconsin, Illinois wins, and Wisconsin gets no jobs and no economic benefits” (Beightol, 2013).

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