Kemetic Orthodoxy

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The following article examines the Kemetic Orthodoxy, an Egyptian revival religion that has developed a following largely through communication on the Internet. Most of the people who become members of Kemetic Orthodoxy learn about this faith, meet other believers, convert and worship online. To compare and contrast the religion, the researchers used Wicca as a second Internet religion. Using methods of critical thinking to analyze the article, the following were discovered, there are several assumptions, ambiguities, fallacies, and personal bias within the article.

The data and methods used to gather the information to write the article took sixteen weeks of participation in an online group, face-to-face, phone and e-mail interviews with the founders, priest, priest in training, and one member of the Kemetic Orthodoxy. There is no mention of such information gathered on the Wicca Religion. This is either an oversight of the authors or bias intent in the written documentation. The author of the article provides an overview of the Kemetic Orthodoxy religion but no such information is provided on the Wicca Religion. Reading the article, I notice there are several fallacies made throughout the document. First one which is defined as an existential fallacy is the following statement: "In Gardnerian Wicca, people see themselves as part of nature, and consequently, as gods and goddesses with power (Krogh)." This statement was taken from Helen Berger, professor at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, who did her research between the 1980's thru the 1990's. What is not stated is the difference between Gardnerian Wicca and Wicca in the United States. Gardnerian Wicca is European in nature, since it started and is still mai...

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...uthors was trying to analyze, are they doing a comparison of the two religions or how they compare to each other on the Internet? The reader has no true idea. The article seems like a Public Relations press release on Kemetic Orthodoxy and the comparison of Wicca is to make Kemetic Orthodoxy seem better and bigger.

What are the outcomes on Kemetic Orthodoxy Religion and Wicca Religion? Both are on the pagan network¯ what does pagan network mean? It is a religion that is becoming better known, around the world and growing in membership. As to the research and the authors of the article, it was poorly done. There were several areas that were stated about Wicca and Witchcraft that were taken from research that was over ten years old; what they should have done is gathered updated research and interviewed Wiccans much like they did with the Kemetic group.
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