Keeping Track Of What I Ate For Three Days Forced

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Keeping track of what I ate for three days forced me to be held accountable. Few people realize just what they eat on a daily basis. Seeing the food log and the analysis helped me have a better understanding of what I put into my body and what my body needs on a daily basis as far as energy and nutrients. The analysis gave a summary for calories, food groups, and nutrients, both macro and micronutrients. I was and am still trying to lose weight. I thought the best way to do that was to eat as little calories as possible. During the three days I recorded my food log, I averaged less than 1,000 calories per day. The recommended calories per day is 2,000 and about 1,500 to lose the recommended one pound a week, (WebMD, n.d). My logic was that if I eat 1,000 calories a day then I could lose three pounds or more a week. Obviously I learned that that was flawed logic. By eating very few calories I was not providing my body with the proper nutrients and therefore putting my body in starvation mode. My body’s metabolic rate was lowered and my muscle was being used to fuel daily functions instead of stored fat, (J. Braverman, 2015). In order to lose weight now, I eat the recommended 1,500 calories as well as exercise. These two things combined have led to much faster weight loss as compared to eating very few calories. The analysis provided the amount of recommended servings from each food group and gave a status if the servings we OK or under. I was glad to see that I met the recommended servings for fruits and vegetables. It has always been easy for me to meet the recommended servings of fruits per day, but vegetables was another story. In order to incorporate more vegetables into my diet, I started doing my own cooki... ... middle of paper ... ... dense foods. Previously, it would be normal for me to have a few slices of pizza and a beer or two for dinner. These are examples of empty calorie and energy dense foods. Instead of pizza and beer, I fill my plate with nutrient dense food. A normal dinner for me now is a fruit, a vegetable, protein, and carbohydrate. I found this combination to not only to be much healthier but also much more filling. This project really opened my eyes to my unhealthy dietary choices. I was basically starving myself to lose weight and was angry I was not getting the results I wanted. I now know that actually feeding my body healthy choices will not only help me lose weight, but also make me feel better. The daily exercise was tough to implement at first, but I have kept it up do to my increased energy. I think I am much healthier now after changing my daily habits.
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