Keeping It Simple Essay: Keeping It Simple

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Keeping It Simple
A simple written story can be more effective than a more complex written story. I am quite sure that if the reader wanted something complex they would have went and purchased a Rubic Cube for entertainment purposes. Keeping the storyline simple is usually what the average reader is looking for when they are searching for something to read. Whether it is for pleasure or research the reader is more likely to be captivated by a simple written story than something a complicated worded story.
The idea of using big words can throw the reader into a world of confusion. A reader should not feel like they need a dictionary by their side in order to read a story. When we read “Saying Is Believing” by Patricia T. O’Conner, she tell us that “A good writer is one you can read without breaking a sweat (107).”When writing, the story should be as comfortable as possible for the reader to be engage in the reading process. The simple structure should be one of the main objectives. Confusion will only make the reader lose interest in the story really fast.
The writer must find an interesting way of getting their message across to the reader. A simple written story does not have to be catered to an elementary audience level. Using the right simple words can be more effective than using big words to convey the intended message to the reader.
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Just because you are writing the essay doesn’t mean for you to write about yourself if it is not an autobiography, you must stay on the path of the topic presented originally at the beginning of the essay. Throwing a small insert concerning yourself that related to the essay can be appropriate if used in the right manner to maintain the integrity of the essay, but keep it to a minimum. The point of the story is to be able to attract the reader’s attention not run them away. Information about the topic at hand is a valuable commodity in the essay to catch the audience’s
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