Keepinf the Idea of the Perfect Family Stereotype of the 1950's

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Perfect Family
In the 1950s, family was seen as almost perfect, and people was in search for "THE" perfect family. Things changed twenty years later, but people still think about that model family. According to Coontz in "Marriage then and now" many relationships were affected by the proposal of deep marriage relation leaving unsuccessful marriages more than successful ones(12). Marriage back in the 1950s were perhaps more stable, but today divorce has increasing , meanwhile marriage is boosting the marriage industries. Marriage , family, divorce, that is the cycle that is pushing people way from that model family.
The reality of divorce is people trying to get out of their marriage as soon as they say "I do", but most of time the couple do not realize that they are not happy because it is almost unconsciously. "During the past thirty years, however, the long-term trend making marriage less central to social and personal life reasserted itself"(Coontz 12). Marriage became more like an industry than a matrimony , and that makes the model family go in the opposite direction. The positive side is that marriage might be evolving due to unexpected feelings.
Marriage is a union to built a family with children, and supportive work. "Alternatives to marriage have continued to multiply at the turn of the millennium, not just for companionship and sexual relationships, but even as a vehicle for raising children"(Coontz 12). Families are being separated because sometimes young age adults think they are ready for marriage and it ends up in divorce that also cause future problems with the ex couple even more if they already have a child. The family member most damaged is the child. "Marriage also continues to be important f...

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