Keep the Spirit of AIS Vienna: Supporting Competitive Sports

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In my old school, the sports were the part of our education it was as important as writing, science, and mathematics, because of sports you could get the scholarships that you want. Competitive sports did not become too intense, they are not the curse, in fact, they are the blessing. Throughout ages people competed and won or lost. They gained confidence and continued no matter what, not only in sports but in daily life as well. Sports not only help you develop initiatively, they will also take you far in life; reduce body fat, increase your ability to recover faster, and help you get more social in life. AIS should continue supporting competitive sports in order for kids and teens to improve and learn how to resist the pain in life. Maybe sports can harm you but not in a way you might think; maybe it’s not the sport that harms you. Maybe it’s the parent, they always want the best for their child, but at the same time they don’t understand that they are pressuring their kid, by telling him to get better and stronger. As “Telegraph” states, parents are now banned from the sport day f...

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