Keep Evolution in Our Schools

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Keep Evolution in Our Schools Recently, in Georgia, the persisting question 'does evolution have a place in our schools?' was again brought up. The state wants to remove the theory of evolution from the curriculum. The children would still be taught mathematical theorems, classical literature, chemistry, and biology; but the teachers would be depriving them of a scientifically accepted theory of how the world began. The children cannot be made to believe anything that they do not want to, therefore teaching them the valuable philosophy of evolution would help to expand their minds, rather than shrink them. Evolution as a science is particularly beneficial. Most young children, stereotypically boys, are very much into playing with dinosaurs, and watching TV shows and movies about dinosaurs. As they get older they learn about fossils and how many archeologists believe that modern birds are descendents of enormous winged birds of the Mesozoic era. This might strike them as strange if they were not taught about how all things evolve. Learning about animals from billions of years ago would not destroy their belief of God, it might, in fact, glorify Him even more; because God is so talented and powerful that he is still coming up with new ideas for species on our planet. Evolution fits into the biological category of the sciences. This is significant due to the fact that without at least one class in biology, a high school student would not be able to graduate and move onto higher learning. I remember my biology class my sophomore year of high school. My teacher, a first year teacher, blatantly said to the class, "I don't believe in Evolution, but I have to tell you at least a little about what it is, because I guess it matters." I... ... middle of paper ... ...ol over what they believe but themselves, and that is based on their education, upbringing, and morals. Therefore, they have the ability to consider changing their minds or just the ability to remember what they were taught and use it to benefit their side of the argument. In conclusion, evolution should not be taken from our school systems. It is a very useful science and can help explain many previously unanswered questions that students, and adults alike, may have had. Evolution is also a very important branch of the biological sciences. Our modern school system is not as good as it should be, and refusing to educate children is all areas of instruction would result in an ever-present decline. Works Cited: Dennet, Daniel C. Darwin's Dangerous Idea. Simon and Schuster. New York, NY. 1995. Mayr, Ernst. What Evolution Is. Basic Books. New York, NY. 2001.
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