“Keep Drilling, Keep Drilling, Keep Oh Oh”

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The beloved character Dory from Finding Nemo would chant throughout the movie, “Keep swimming, keep swimming.” The United States government and oil companies have followed the cheery deposition except it is keep drilling, keep drilling. However, there is huge difference between the two; there is always a vast amount of spaces to swim in the ocean. When drilling for oil though once the spot is drained completely of black gold (crude oil) than there is no more drilling. United States must terminate the usage of crude oil to power our vehicles because it is destructive to the environment and to our wallets; we need to go to alternatives. Many do not see the catastrophe that comes from our constant consumption of oil. When an oil rig drills it releases carbon and methane into the atmosphere. Both chemicals are leading cause of global warming. With temperatures increasing, ice sheets and snow are melting rapidly. Sea levels have risen to six inches within 100 years. If this rate does not change soon it is estimated that many South Pacific islands will be flooded (Cooper). The effect of crude oil has on the environment is not widely accepted, but the effect of it on our money is well acknowledge. The source of oil is being depleted. Former CEO of Texas Co. Kenneth Hern stated that oil is running out and it will not be replenished within our or our great-great grandchildren lifetime (Tickel). With the lack of fossil fuel the price to fuel our cars have increased drastically. The U.S Energy Information Administrator records the average price of a gallon of gas the last three weeks. The graph on the next page shows prices increasing every day. The surge in the cost of fuel is a whistle blower that prices will increase even more (Stein... ... middle of paper ... ...e it comes out in a very difficult way. There are so many new innovations and we need to embrace them. Black gold can be transformed into yummy gold if we use corn. There can be gas stations at wonderful McDonalds and Burger Kings. We can get a Fish Fillet and fill up the car as well. Two tanks filled up at the same time. Works Cited Bettelheim, A. (2006, September 29). Biofuels boom. CQ Researcher, 16, 793-816. Cooper, M. (2001, January 26). Global warming treaty. CQ Researcher, 41-64. Cothran, Helen.Energy alternative; opposing viewpoints. San Diego CA: Greenheven Press, 2002. Print. Fuel. Dir. Joshua Tickel. [Beverly Hills, CA]: Blue water Entertainment; 2010. Videorecording. Stein, Richard. The energy problem. Hackensack N.J: World Scientific, 2011. Print. "This Week In Petroleum Gasoline Section." This Week In Petroleum Gasoline Section. 03 Apr. 2014.

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