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With regard to collectivistic and individualistic dimension, society in Kazakhstan was collectivistic because of Soviet and Asian influences. Kazakhs seem to have an icy exterior, but they are very warm, caring and make extraordinary friends. They distance people at the formal level, but foster a compensatory need for selective, rich human relationships at the informal level. The value of these ties is unquantifiable. Friendliness as a personal marketing tool is regarded as superficial and unnecessary. The biggest mistake expats can make in Kazakhstan is not getting involved in the life of the locals. Kazakhs are a proud people, they are proud of their history, diversity, friendship and tolerance among their people. As a result, Kazakhs do not harbor resentment or suspicion against people from the West. In general, Kazakhs are happy to meet other people, say hello and have a chat. The history of the country is one of tolerance and inclusion. Therefore, expatriats should be best of an analytic or natural type when it comes to cultural intelligence. On the contrary, the general trend for the country is individualism and less group orientation. Selecting the right candidates might pose a challenge to the Bosch management' class='brand-secondary'>human resource management; cf. Terterov, Marat (2004), Doing Business with Kazakhstan. London: GMB Publishing Ltd, 355-364.

Being highly hierarchical in nature, Kazakhstan is relatively high in power distance, placing a relatively high emphasis on distinctions in status. Kazakhs are accustomed to a top-down approach to management. Anyone who is not in a leading position is usually not be taken very seriously, since he or she is not regarded as a decision-maker. Kazakhstan scores low on uncertainty avoidance and acceptance of r...

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...loyees, Bosch should offer some explicit incentives to its employees like covering flight costs of the employee to Kazakhstan from their domicile at the time of recruitment, and flights back to their home country at the end of employment, and the flight costs of family members who will be joining the employee on a permanent basis for the duration of the employment contract. Or providing employees and their families with suitable accommodation free of charge, transport to and from work free of charge, insurance cover against accidental damage and theft for personal property located in the accommodation, medical insurance for the employee and dependents for the duration of the employment. Or employees whose children are attending school in Kazakhstan should be eligible to receive an annually determined allowance per school child, should school fees be paid for them.

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