Katniss’s Father, Sacrifices, and Love in Collin’s The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games, written by Suzanna Collins, is a book about a group of people that participate in a numerous amount of games as competition. Throughout the book there are many things that different families go through from being poor and not being able to afford food to some not even having the proper shelter to live in. Though some of these families had to go through those hardships, many families made a way out of no way. Katniss, whom the story is told through, is the main character in Collins’ novel. Katniss, after her father’s death, became the sole provider for her family because her mother was unable to be emotionally stable enough to take care of her [Katniss] and her younger sister Prim. Katniss is a very young girl for majority the book, but she does things that no one would expect a teenager to do. She exceeds the expectations of any child her and age and overcomes many challenging hardships for her family. In The Hunger Games, Collins discusses Katniss’s relationship to her father, the sacrifices she made for her family, and the love of Peeta.

Katniss’ father was killed in a mining accident and being the older sibling, she took it upon herself to take on the father role for her family (Schneider). Katniss’ father died while she was at the young age of 11 (Collins 5), and as a young woman she often did things that her father did for her, her mother, and her younger sister. Although this father role came so easily for Katniss, it was not her decision at first. Because her mother stopped taking care of her and her sister, Katniss had no other choice, but to take on the role of the “caretaker” of their family. She was the provider for her family, just as any father would be for his own family. As Blasingame stated, “S...

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