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Imagine growing up and having to deal with strange looks all the time because it is difficult to hear. Often being ignored by parents because they do not understand the situation, or anyone for that matter. Imagine living in a wheelchair at the hospital for a small portion of life. Having an adversity throughout the majority of life is not something many people would take very lightly. However, there are some people who do not want this burden to take over their lives. Kathy Buckley is a powerful woman who has triumphed over many calamities such as being deaf, being run over, and having cancer all before the age of thirty.
Kathy was born in a relatively small town by the name of Wickliffe, Ohio. At a very young age, her family began to notice that something was wrong. Kathy had an inability to communicate. As a child, Kathy remembers attempting to play with other children, which was often difficult (Buckley). “By the time I’d hear someone say ‘hey Kathy, come and get us’ the game would be over,” she said (Buckley). Originally, her parents concluded that she was slow. However, it wasn’t until the 2nd grade that school administrators, psychologist, and audiologist determined that it was just a case of hearing loss. Having hearing loss affects your ability to speak correctly. When she discovered that she had a hearing loss, she had to begin wearing a hearing aid. Unfortunately, her hearing aid did more bad than good. The hearing aid she would wear was loud and painful to the point that it would bring her to tears (Buckley). While at school, her teachers did not give her the proper attention that someone with a disability should receive. She soon decided to transfer to a school that was specifically for her needs. To her benefit sh...

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