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Kathryn Stockett
Kathryn Stockett is one of the most powerful, courageous, and bravest writers I have ever read about and that is why I have chosen to write about her. I read her book "The Help" and by reading this book it has shown me many things about history I had not known existed. This book is all about African American housekeepers in the 1960's and how they were treated, even though the laws may have made them equal, society did not. If it wasn't for books like this people like me may not know about these rough times and how life has changed drastically since then. Reasons like these are why I was inspired to write this paper about Stockett.
Kathryn Stockett is one of the most outstanding writers out there to this day, and this is proven by many of the a awards she has won, including Oscars she has won, and surprisingly she had only written one book. Her book "The Help" is one of the most touching and moving books of our time, even though many can't relate to these stories, many can just feel the sadness and empathy for these women. This book has really opened my eyes about issues I haven't even noticed existed that poorly and due to this book it has made me change my perspective on many things I strongly believe about before. This book also shows you the lives of many African America women who only wanted an equal chance in society, but was not given the opportunity to be treated fairly or even civil like a person should be treated.
Stockett was born in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1969 where she did not have one single black friend or even a black neighbor much less a black child at her school. Stockett herself had a black housekeeper named Demetrie. Much like the children in "The Help" she had also looked at Deme...

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...t really opens your eyes to things you may have not ever noticed before, because I know before I read this book that I did not think times were as bad as they were back then, and Kathryn Stockett has shown me a whole new sight in my every day life. Stockett is an outstanding writer and I hope to continue to read more and more of her books.

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