Kate Welty 's Her Beauty

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their childhood or left behind to be raised without a mother or father they tend to act out for attention because they are not receiving all of what they require. Renee does not act the way she does because her morals were genetically made. Her morals and personality are molded into what they are because of her experiences. Acting out to get attention carries on later in her life. For example, Renee’s beauty is her only identity. People know her just because of her beauty. Renee knows that her beauty is what she has that will gain attention of the people around her to make up for all the attention she did not get as a child. These events opened up wounds that will not heal for Renee. Renee’s prior experience is why she responded the way she does to the rape and also why she was responded to the way she was. “In the throes of her despair the girl told her a heart-rending story: how a man of forty, rich, married– his wife, a young and charming woman, lived there– had raped her while she was in the country, without her daring or knowing how to defend herself” (Zola p. 60) Her being raped and being unable to defend herself affected her by making her feel as if that is all she was good for now. The rape is a catastrophic event that happened to Renee, this is an experience that affects her worth. This event that happens is not a genetic imperfection it is an experience. This makes her life difficult because she no longer has a choice in a marriage. Her marriage is arraigned for her to cover up the rape and pregnancy. Renee’s family is ashamed of her because of the event that happened to her without her consent, because this event put the family’s name to shame. Her father goes as far as arranging a marriage for his daughter by paying ... ... middle of paper ... ...ect. He neglects her and demoralizes her by showing all she is good for is to sit and look pretty. She already knew this meaning before from all of her other experiences. Aristide made Renee feel like if she is going to feel wanted at all it would have to come form within or from the people that would stare at her beauty. “The dress was so low-cut that her nipples were almost visible, while her arms were bare and she had clusters of violets at her shoulders: she seemed to emerge quite naked ( Zola p. 20). This scene proves that Renee is aware of her image and is breaking the rules by showing so much skin. Renee does it for attention even though it is frowned upon to show so much skin. This shows two things that Aristide making her feel this way has shaped the environment she lives in which reflects on her personality and how she acts. It also shows that Renee enjoys

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