Kate Chopin’s Works, Methods, and Means

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Kate Chopin’s Works, Methods, and Means Kate Chopin’s writing style was as unusual as her subject matter. She never took notes, or observed people, places, or things with the intent of using them as literary material (Seyerstead 116). She chose to forget the polishing process saying she " . . . preferred the integrity of crudities to artificialities" (Seyerstead 117). Chopin said that "story writing- at least with me- is the spontaneous expression of impressions gathered goodness knows where" (Seyerstead 117). The typical length of Chopin’s stories is about 3000 words. More than half of her works were completed in less than one day, and were often printed without alteration (Seyerstead 116). She rarely accepted editing of her pieces. She did write for an audience saying "every writer has his group of readers who understand, who are in sympathy with his thoughts or impressions" (Seyrestead 117). Emily Toth wrote that "grief had spawned her career; ambition and acclaim intensified it" (241). This quote refers to the loss of her husband and of her mother. With these influen...
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