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Kate Chopin
Redoan Hossain
Professor Cain
Comp. II
Date: November 10-2017

Because of losing her husband in her middle age Kate Chopin has become heroine to selfish, stupid, and mean to readers, which as a southern woman she was not supposed to do what appeared in her creative writing. She was influenced by her society and surrounding. Secondly, Chopin has become exposed the unique local perception of race. Also, her writing become very controversial many students and scholar inspired to study her writing. However, she has been a great writer in the modern women world

Kate Chopin is a daughter of a French mother and her father was an Irish immigrant who was a successful business man. Kate Chopin is southern women who was born in St. Louis. She lost her brother and sisters in her early life, and father died in a train accident. Kate Chopin early life was trauma. She had become the Irish beauty in her young age. In her middle age, she met her husband Oscar and they traveled places during that time. Suddenly she lost her husband and her life become really difficult with children. Kate Chopin could talk nicely which got attention to her friends and family and she was inspired by her family. Many short stories and fictions were written by Kate Chopin. Her “The Awakening” is one the successful writing, Story of an Hour, Lilacs, Desiree’s Body and so many. Kate Chopin has been a successful writer who died in 1904.
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This novel was about a wife and mother who had realized that life is unfulfilling ad meaningless. After a century of the release the novel’s plot was getting more familiar. However, people called Chopin’s heroine to selfish, stupid and mean. Many of the reviewers were men during that time. After Chopin died in1904 it was reprinted again and Kate Chopin become a