Kate Chopin

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A woman wrote about Kate Chopin that “She was very important as one of the earliest examples of modernism in the United States or, if you wish, the cutting edge of modernism in American literature” (Chopin). This just justifies how well of a writer she was during this time period. She could mold her stories into a beautiful piece of work in the period of modernism. Kate Chopin was born in 1851 and she passes away in 1904 (Ewell). Modernism is expressed in Kate’s writing when she portrays feminine individuality through her characters. Modernism was a time where there was experimentation of expression and Kate Chopin took advantage of this freedom as a writer. Kate Chopin, through experiencing many personal hardships, was able to view the world around her in a unique and altered manner- extremely unique to her time period- however, these interesting and daring perspectives allowed her to be one of the most memorable of the female writers in the time period of modernism in the U.S. today.
Though some still argue the effects and challenges of birth order, Kate Chopin proved to be audacious and overcome the arduous challenges of losing her birth order. At a younger age Chopin’s siblings all passed and this eventually resulted in her becoming an only child. Not only did this affect her life in reality, this also affected her life artistically. Becoming the only child in the family made it impossible for Kate to rely on siblings for help, and this transformed her into a more individualistic writer. She escaped the social norm and wrote about her true feelings as a woman. Kate’s writing
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